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Finding legitimate friends in real life

It’s easy to make friends with almost anyone you encounter with. It may be your new classmate, your colleague, your friend’s friend, and so on. In this modern technology era, making friends online is never been easy. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so much more, You can even chat with someone you barely know or totally don’t know, but finding legitimate friends there won’t do you good. That’s the scary power of social media now, that’s why there’s been so many news around the globe that are tragic and is social media related. It’s sort of a double-edged sword, there are pros and cons always but this time the risk is so high that you can’t just take for granted.

Finding legitimate friends

Now, with all that being said. How to make friends the legit way or legitimate way? There are thousands or maybe millions of articles that have this topic, but what I’ll suggest here are my own personal experiences in my 27 years of living here on earth. Without further ado, here are my personal tips on how could you find the real friends out there in the wilds.

finding legitimate friends

Tip #1 Befriend someone personally before befriending them on Facebook or any social media sites.

Now, this could spark some debate whether to or not to accept a friend request from strangers and start the friendship from there on. I mean there might be cases that this worked on somebody, so let’s rule them out. Just for the sake of this tip-giving blog, let’s just assume that spending some time with someone personally is a great way to know them more and in that way, the legitimate friendship could suffice.

Personally, I never accepted a friend request on facebook if I don’t know them well, I mean what purpose does it serve if I have a handful of friend count and I don’t know who the heck they are. So in this sense, I make sure that every friend accepted counts as a real legit friend that I really know.

Tip #2 Don’t just sit there comfy at your home, get out and make some company

You know don’t just hang in there and sit with your laptop and do facebook all friggin’ day. If you haven’t tried Sims video game go on and try it, well that is after you get out and make some company, ok? It might be ridiculous to say, but that game can give you tips on how to interact with somebody even to total strangers. I’m not relying wholly upon that game alone for this second tip. My point is to get your butt up and go make friends in the real physical world! As I said, knowing someone personally is a must.

Tip #3 Be kind, but not so kind that you can’t tell if are fooled with

It’s so nice to be kind, I think everyone should be kind to each other so we have a better place in this dying world. Be kind, well but don’t be a fool, don’t ever — ever let someone take advantage of your kindness towards to them. Be rational, be wise to distinguish if you are being toyed with. It’s not a nice feeling when you have so many friends around you because you can treat them to Starbucks, but when you have no bucks left, well they leave too. Hear me when I say, they are not true friends or humans, no matter what you do if you stumble upon this kind of people, do yourself a favor and step away from them immediately. Real friends are with you through thick or thin.

I could go on and proceed with giving more tips about finding legitimate friends, but let’s just settle to 3 tips for now. Well, I hope this has shed some light on you somehow. This world is crazy to the point that finding real friends is a real challenge. Good luck on your mission to find someone worthy of calling a legit friend.

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