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Outdoor Portrait Photography with Lindsay!

My first post relating to photography! Yes, I do love taking photos and haven’t done this formally for that last decade because I have no capability on buying myself a professional camera. As you might already know I have been doing website works and graphic designing for a long time now and I said to myself, why not find a new outlet or maybe a new fresh breath of air on doing something, as for me it’s photography.

Way back 2009, I am very fond of taking closeup pictures of flowers and insects using my old phone, it doesn’t look very good but it does the job done decently — at least on my judgement. At the time I have no other equipment but my phone which was Nokia 5800 if memory serves right. I loved that phone and I love photography, sometimes I find myself taking pictures in a whole day without noticing the time.

Picture taken with Nokia 5800 in 2009.

On the left is a closeup shot of a flower natively known here in the Philippines as “Santan” It is red flower that grows in a bunch, it looks meh I know, but at the time 2009… taking pictures like that is a dream come true to mine. It was really really mind blowing for me because as I said I only have that camera LOL. But now is a very different time for me as I was able to buy my very own full frame camera Nikon D610 and a high end lens Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art! Never in my lifetime I’d imagine purchasing myself something this very expensive. If you read my blog for some time now you know where I came from and you know how much hardship I have been through so don’t give up on your dreams! everything has it’s timing and it’ll soon come, you just have to strive for it!

Now today, last sunday actually, I was fortunate enough to have my friend Lindsay as a model for one of my outdoor photography sessions. We had a lot of fun and did some several poses in Dona Francisca Park, Balanga City. There were a lot of people and their minding their own businesses (good thing covid restrictions is getting very light in our city!) It was really fun and she enjoyed it!

I have posted here our behind the scenes in my youtube channel for you to watch. But at the very bottom of this page you will see her gallery of this session. I hope you enjoyed reading this short blog! See you again, thanks!



Outdoor Portrait Photography with Lindsay | Nikon D610 + Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Lens

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